PIMA's 2004 Leadership Conference
June 27-June 30, 2004: New Orleans, Louisiana

The Paper Industry Management Association wishes to thank the speakers for contributing to the success of PIMA's 2004 Leadership Conference.


General Sessions

Joint General Sessions

Keynote Address: Leadership in a Thriving Environment
Presentation Slides Not Available
                 •   Sean O'Keefe, Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

President's Panel
                 •   Moderators: Harry Seamans and Diane Murdock
                 •   Dr. William H. Joyce, Chairman of Board and CEO, Nalco Co.: Slides (276k, PDF)
                 •   Jan Brons, President, SKF Reliability Systems: Slides (47k, PDF) and Abstract (130k, PDF)
                 •   Tom Brown, President and CEO, Caraustar: Slides (349k, PDF)

Forecasting the Future: Trends and Drivers
                 •   Peter Ruschmeier, Lehman Bros: Slides (436k, PDF)
                 •   Tapio Korpeinen of Jaako Pöyry: Slides (770k, PDF)

CIO Panel
Presentation Slides Not Available
                 •   Moderator: Ole Fadum, Fadum Enterprises
                 •   Dac Nguyen, Director Corporate IT, Pan Asia Paper
                 •   John Balboni, Vice President and CIO, International Paper
                 •   Jim Burdiss, Vice President and CIO, Smurfit-Stone Container

Management General Sessions

Creating an Innovative Culture: Best Practices and Tools
                 •   Thomas Kuczmarski, Kuczmarski & Associates: Slides (3322k, PDF)

Found Money: Improved Profits Are There, But You Have to Know Where to Look
                 •   Douglas Daniels, HeadsUp Systems: Slides (329k, PDF) and Self-Assessment (106k, PDF)

Information Technology General Sessions

IT Strategy: Developing Viable Alternatives with Linux
                 •   Mike Ferris, Red Hat Enterprises: Slides (171k, PDF)
                 •   Paul Moore, Georgia-Pacific: Slides (395k, PDF)
                 •   Myron Blaine, Boise Cascade: Slides (766k, PDF)

Microsoft Strategies and Road Map
                 •   Chris Colyer, Microsoft

Breakout Sessions

Management Breakout Sessions

(M201) Manufacturing Reliability: Financial Impact on Capital and Capacity
                 •   Dr. Carol Vesier, RONAMax: Movie condensed 14-minute version of 40-minute presentation (3866k, Flash) and Slides with notes (599k, PDF)

(M202) Value Creation: Managing Tactics and Reducing Margin Leakage
                 •   John Poisson, Accenture LLP: Slides (428k, PDF)

(M203) Managing Innovation - Part I: Issues and Ideas
                 •   Fritz Herren, CIBA Specialty Chemicals: Slides (332k, PDF)

(M301) Transforming the Reliability Strategy into Results
                 •   Renato Friggi, Votorantim Celulose e Papel (VCP): Slides (3781k, PDF)

(M302) Agenda 2020: Reachable Goals Can Double Industry Cash Flow
                 •   Benjamin Thorp, Georgia-Pacific: Slides (635k, PDF)

(M303) Managing Innovation - Part II: Practical Applications
                 •   Iain King, Sopheon Corporation: Slides (1697k, PDF)

(M401) Manufacturing Reliability: Identifying Goals to Reach the Bottom Line
                 •   Joseph Konkel, Georgia-Pacific: Slides (44k, PDF)
                 •   Joel T.H. Black, Aladon LLC

(M402) Personal Accountability: The Antecedent for Personal Success in Business and in Life
                 •   Ron Pote, BYO Solutions: Slides (1259k, PDF)

(M501) Superintendent's Roundtable
Presentation Slides Not Available
                 •   Moderator: DD Smith, Buckman Laboratories

(M502-M801/M602-M901) The Role of Personality in Managing Conflict: A Model for Resolution - Parts A & B
                 •   Sondra VanSant, Training Consultant: Part A Slides (141k, PDF) and Part B Slides (74k, PDF)

(M601) Skills in Dealing with Hourly Employees: In Pursuit of Fairness and Competition
                 •   Chris Adams, International Paper: Slides (257k, PDF)

(M603) Improving the Productivity and Cost Structure of the Wood Fiber Supply Chain Through Interactive Workshops
                 •   Richard Lewis, Forest Resources Association: Slides (1992k, PDF)
                 •   Ann Duff, Smurfit-Stone Container

(M802) Improving Group Dynamics - Creating High Performance Work Teams
                 •   Bob Rupp, Appleton International: Slides (170k, PDF)

(M803) Global Supply Chain: What Does it Take to Survive in a Commoditized Environment?
                 •   James Poure, GAC Chemical Corporation: Script (62k, PDF)
                 •   John Tulloch, IPSCO: Slides (1481k, PDF)

(M902) Mill Manager's Panel
Presentation Slides Not Available
                 •   Moderator: Ben Thorp, Georgia-Pacific

(M903) Global Supply Chain: Examining Similar Industries for Constructive Takeaways
                 •   Anthony R. Taccone, First River Consulting: Slides (133k, PDF)

Information Technology Breakout Sessions

(IT204) ERP Reality Check
                 •   Andre Beaucheman, Abitibi Consolidated: Slides (16k, PDF)
                 •   Greg Paton, Weyerhaeuser
                 •   Clayton Austen, Domtar Inc

(IT205) RFID Supplier Applications: Wal-Mart, DoD, and Standards
                 •   Michael S. Fisher, Intermec Technologies Corp: Slides (5476k, PDF)

(IT206) Ensuring Enterprise Security
                 •   Brian Burns, International Paper Co: Slides (543k, PDF)

(IT304) Quality Management Using Six Sigma
                 •   Judith W. Passwaters, E.I. duPont deNemours & Co., Inc.: Slides (1473k, PDF)

(IT305) Sonoco Business Redesign - Best of Breed vs. ERP
                 •   Kevin Casper, Sonoco Papers: Slides (39k, PDF)

(IT306) Mobile Computing for Road Warriors: Real Freedom, or a Slave to your Devices?
                 •   Richard Stone, Hewlett-Packard

(IT604) Outsourcing Out-of-Country
                 •   Alan Cheesbrough, Greycon: Slides (284k, PDF)
                 •   Aneel Jaeel, PeopleSoft

(IT605) IT Portfolio Management: Managing with Limited Resources
                 •   Kathleen Bennett, Georgia-Pacific: Slides (258k, PDF)

(IT606) Real Time Performance Management
                 •   Diane Bricco, MeadWestvaco: Slides (628k, PDF)

(IT804) Process Control vs. IT Roundtable
Presentation Slides Not Available
                 •   Moderator: Jan Westling, Weyerhaeuser
                 •   Richard Peterson, Weyerhaeuser
                 •   Chris Rogers, Boise Cascade
                 •   Terry Canup, MeadWestvaco

(IT805) Performance Improvement Through Online Operator Training
                 •   Anne Kitchen, AMEC Training & Development Services: Slides (628k, PDF)
                 •   Jim Ryan, AMEC Power, Forest & Infrastructure Division

(IT806) Sarbanes-Oxley: What It Means To Your Business
                 •   Tim Kutz, Accenture LLP: Slides (557k, PDF)
                 •   George S. Marcotte, Accenture LLP